About LUnix

LUnix (little UNIX), a new and perhaps better operating system for the (raw) C64.

The LUnix-system is a mixture of some more or less good ideas put together to get some experience in how a multitasking OS works. I never intended to create a "real" UNIX for our little commie, i just want to have some fun showing LUnix to 16/32 or 64-Bit-People. Because of this, and a lack of experiences in writing operating systems LUnix is very simple and in some cases "dirty". But i think that makes it sooo nice :-)

[ Logo of LUnix v0.8 ]The next generation of LUnix is comming ! Check it out !

You can download this Icon to make a link to this page ("http://wwwcip.rus.uni-stuttgart.de/~etk10217/lunix/lunix.html") :-).

[updated] Mailing list

I've started a "cc:"-mailing list (carbon copied emails), if you want to discuss LUnix with other lunatics <g> or get latest information, you should join it. Just write a short message to me ("daniel.dallmann@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de"). For example something like:

  please add me to the LUnix-mailing list !
  My email address is : ...
  My name is : .... (optional)
  My home country is: ... (optional)
  I have a homepage at: ... (optional)
  It's okay to add this informations to the list-page.  (optional)

Then i'll add your name and email-address to this list (Please tell me, if you agree that your name and email are printed here! If not, only the other members will get your email-address)

Some other great (because UNIX-like) OSs :

Some of these OSs have a *very* well done structure, much better than the one of LUnix. So i'm very happy to see them growing and look forward to some first C64-demo versions! By the way, some of the above LINKs are copied from MJKs page (HiHo!)

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